Seasonal fruit grown in the hot tropics of south east Asia. It is loved by Thais because of its sweet flavour and juicy firm jelly like texture.

inside open rambutan

This fruit is peculiar looking, not something we can compare to in the supermarkets of the UK. It is roughly golf ball size and goes from a bright green colour when on the tree to a beautiful red hue when ripe and ready to eat.

Rambutan growing on a tree

Market stalls all over Thailand sell this fruit in great triangular stacks which can be impressively large.

Thai rambutan on market stall

This is usually priced at 70-80Bhat (£1.60) / kilo which will get you abot 30 rambutans. In the UK you will expect to pay roughly £5.00 for 8 rambutans. The cheaper alternative would be to buy it in a tin.

It is best enjoyed as a healthy snack or dessert with coconut ice cream, It is also enjoyed eaten cold after being refrigerated from some time. The flavour is quite floral with notes of peach and grape. There is an almond size pip in the middle.

Pech loves rambutan!!

rambutan ripe

Learn to speak Thai
The Thai word for Rambutan is “ngoh” which isn’t the easiest thing for Brits to say. If you wanted to try to pronounce this, start by saying the “ng” the same you would in the word “singing” followed by “oh” saying “o” the way you would in the word “got” The “h” is silent…

Ngoh” clear as mud!

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