Thai Kitchen Story

Nakhon Ratchasima or “Korat” for short is a large province roughly 4 hours north east of Bangkok.


Korat is a vibrant bustling place to live and work, with Night markets that go on until the early hours of the morning. They say Korat will be the second Bangkok and is already expanding every year. New highways are being built along with multiple shopping centres, schools and hospitals.


When it comes to food and eating, Korat has so much choice. There is Thai street food is served on every corner 24 hours a day.

man and cart

To the untrained eye, Korat could easily be mistaken for Bangkok, However Korat holds many beautiful surprises both natural and man made.


Tranquil waterfalls, peaceful temples and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes are just a stones-throw away from the centre of Korats hustle and bustle.


Bordering Korat and nestled In amongst this beautiful tranquillity is a smaller picturesque province called Pak Chong. Famous for its clean air and hilly landscapes, It is here where Pech grew up and learned to cook authentic Thai food in her grandmas house, seen below quietly nestled within a small banana tree plantation.


Pech learned everything she knows about Thai Food from her mother. For over two decades Pech cooked food at her mums restaurant in Korat before finally moving to England.


Now Pesh runs a very successful Thai food business in the North West of England and wants to share her extensive knowledge and passion of Thai food with you.

Thai Kitchen aims to eventually be the fore runner of the Thai food Boom that is consuming the UK. We have a long way to go but we are excited about the adventure that waits ahead. We are cooking delicious food teaching Simple recipes and are developing a whole range of home made Thai cooking products straight to the consumer.

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