Thaice-Cream Van

Keeping cool in Thailand can be a struggle at times, so when you see the ice cream van parked up how could you possibly say no.

Now may I just declare that this guy was the coolest ice cream man have ever seen (excuse the pun). Just look at him!


The leather strap around his right shoulder is a holster for his scoop, the stereo behind was throwing out loud Isan beats and that shirt is just outrageous!

Back to topic… did I say ice cream van? sorry, this guy rides a motorbike. I think by now you get a picture of the sort of dude we’re dealing with here.


There is just one flavour of ice cream served which is a vanilla / creamy coconut which is slightly frosty so I would guess it may be dairy free and made wholly from coconut milk. This is scooped into a little plastic cup in layers. Each layer separated by the fillings presented at the front of his bike. In the image below, From right to left we have: Sticky Rice, Rambutan, Diced mango, red beans, pineapple and peanuts.


Just pick and chose what fillings you want, The sticky rice and ice cream with peanuts was sensational.


You’re never too old to enjoy ice cream and YES! the lady at the back was indeed dancing to the ice cream man’s music!

It’s like a party in the street when this guy turns up.

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