Thailand Floating Markets

The Thai floating markets are comparable to the German markets we see in Manchester every Christmas.

We all know that it is not to be taken literally and that it’s all just set up. but yet we feel the need to go, just to get that festive feeling and to experience another culture momentarily.


The authentic floating markets that once served as the backbone of the Thai economy are pretty much obsolete and have been for a very long time.

Therefore the floating markets today are a novelty rather than a commodity and serve as a Tourist attraction. Is that a bad thing?… Absolutely not.


Thailand’s floating markets make a fantastic day out and are tastefully recreated so that the charm and heritage are kept, whilst still serving the purpose of a fully functioning market place.

Expect to discover artisan shops and stalls selling gourmet delights which are hand made using local ingredients. Many great restaurants, tropical fruit stalls, real Thai silk, souvenirs, clothes, handicrafts, paintings and lots of family friendly activities such as boat rides, theatrical shows, miniature train rides. There is so much to do it can be a struggle to fit it all into one day.


In the photo above, the chef is hand pulling caramelised sugar to make a Thai version of candy floss. The hand pulled candy floss is a lot ticker than regular candy floss, a bit like a clump of sugary hair!


Feeding the fish is always fun to do. Around the walkways are small bags of fish food. These are bought for 10 Bhat (20p). There are thousands of large catfish in the waters around the floating markets.


There is beautiful scenery to be found around every corner so just walking around is a great activity in itself. Grab a cold drink and walk at your own pace enjoying the sights and sounds of the market, this is certain to give you a warm homely feeling inside.


The locals still use the floating markets as a place to get their daily groceries. Most of the stalls are set on the inside of the walkways, this means people walk by the water side.


There are just a few boat stalls which are actually floating on the water. These stalls serve as a reminder of how the market stall traders sold their goods a long time ago. These small boat stalls usually sell small snacks and drinks to take away.


The only things that actually float nowadays are all the tourists taking photographs!

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