Three reasons why Thai food is so delicious.


Thai food is on the rise in the U.K. We believe this is down to Brits becoming evermore adventurous in their choice of food and travel. There is no denying the British people have taken a liking to the aromatic flavours that Thai cuisine has to offer.

Below we have put together three reasons why we think Thai food is soon set to become the UK’s favourite cuisine choice surpassing Indian and Italian. This is all our opinion and not based on any facts or research what so ever. 

Fresh is best

Curries and stir fries are made using fresh chillies and pastes. Dried ingredients are rarely used in Thai cooking. These fresh ingredients add to the depth of flavour that you simply do not get in most other cuisines. using fresh ingredients means we do not need to dilute the food with water to get it moist, meaning more of those yummy aromatic flavours on your plate. 

Balance of flavours

Thai cuisine is all about balancing flavours. The five primary flavours in Thai cooking are: Bitter, sweet, salt, sour and spice. Humans are naturally hardwired to seek out these five specific taste profiles in nature because they carry health or survival benefits. Thai cuisine capitalises on this basic human instinct to make flavoursome tasty dishes by expertly balancing these 5 flavours in every dish.

A healthy alternative

Thai curries are made using base ingredient of coconut milk. Stir fried dishes use very little oil. Thai food is usually eaten with a basket of green leafy vegetables on the side and steamed white jasmine rice.  The health benefits compared with other world foods is huge. Thai’s enjoy a simple life of eating delicious healthy food in the sun!


If you haven’t already tried Thai food and are unsure where to start. Take a look at our Menu. We have carefully selected what we think are the best meals that Thailand has to offer for people who are not sure.

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